[SEP & OCT 2018] Author Update

Hey everyone, just reaching out to let everyone know I haven't dropped off.  Give you a few updates. First, Seventh Talon was pulled while I work on getting some of the edits done, and working out the stories for the next books. Not abandoning it, just need to fix some things. Second, I'm working on Lantern Online as we speak. Trying to get my edits done and figure out what I want to do with future books in that line. Right now Lantern Online is being developed as a stand alone novel, but I have an idea of running multiple story lines in here based on different types of characters. Then at some point doing a team up trilogy, and at that point you might see Bran from Office Wars making an appearance. Office Wars - I'm working the omnibus for this, it'll be a little different than the original story, as I'll change most of the logues into memory fragments and rearrange a few things. All of this in preparation for getting an audio in place for it. Thanks for

[Aug 2018] Author Update

Office Wars 3 - Lab Coats Optional So I got this back from beta readers, made the additional changes, which is quite a bit more content. Now I am in the final edit/polish phase. I do have to take a business trip for my day job, but I'm still sort of hopeful I can get it done by middle of this month (August). This will end this trilogy or series, but I have set myself up for a lot of different options for stories in the future using the same characters. I hope you enjoy. Lantern Online - Patient 073 If you remember, Patient 073 is talked about in Office Wars. I've said this before, but Lantern Online was my first book, just haven't published. With the wrapping up of Office Wars I've decided to clean this up and publish it next. Since its pretty much already done, just needs a good solid edit, a beta read, and then another clean up / edit. I think I can get it out quick. It's also stand alone-ish. I will use this character again for more books in this world

[July 2018] Author Update

Office Wars 3 - Lab C Goats Optional Ok, well Office Wars 3 is close now. I have a little editing left, and then running it out to some beta readers and if nothing crazy comes back then I will hit publish. I'll make another post when I get my cover made. Playing with the title some, officially its Lab Coats Optional but the cover might have the C crossed out an a G penciled in. This is kind of a sad day for me, because I am wrapping up this series (with the potential to revive it later for another season). I like the people so I've hinted at seeing them again in another game world possibly. Seventh Talon This is being worked on, but it won't be a fast turn around. I have no eta, but it is being worked on. Lantern Online Thought I left this one out to dry didn't you? I am editing this one too, the book I wrote a long time ago, before Office Wars even, but its just been sitting there, because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. So... I made a dec

[June 2018] Author Update

Hello Everyone, Sorry I have not given an update in a few months. I am hard at work on Office Wars 3, and this book will wrap up the series. I hope you enjoy the conclusion. I also want to apologize for the delay, but I really didn't like what I originally wrote and the jokes just felt too forced. I threw it all out and wrote Seventh Talon to get my mind off it and came back to it. I like what I have now and this book will have more game humor, more floors, and more slice of life stuff. Not sure on an ETA yet, but its moving along quickly. Hopefully I'll give news shortly. Thank you, J. Gabe Patton

March 2018 Author Update

How is everyone doing? My monthly updates are going to be short this month.  I released Seventh Talon: Dragonrider's Fury last month, so if you haven't read it, please go check it out. Office Wars 3 Update Here is my big update:  I am currently working on it.  However, I think this may end up being the last book this season.  It'll be quite a bit longer than the other books.  I will probably release two books, OW3 and a combined copy of all three books, which I will clean up the first two and eliminate some of the rougher parts. I've been thinking about it, and I think the reveals you are going to get in book 3 are going to wrap up most of the plot lines and I am torn about continuing past some of that.  I have however put into motion the idea of revisiting it with a second season for year N151 (tentatively called Office Wars Mercenaries, which you will understand later). Anyway, expect a much bigger book 3 and an ending.  I might also release Lante

Seventh Talon Launches Today

Hello Everyone, I do apologize for not having a January post, but I was hoping that this announcement would come much sooner than today. That said, I am finally releasing Seventh Talon I: Dragonrider's Fury . To those of you who read Office Wars, this is a much darker series. This the first book in a trilogy, and I have another trilogy planned out as a follow up if people like this series. Several call outs. Steve Caldwell was doing something really awesome one day in the Facebook groups, he was asking if author's would donate a copy of their book to his friend, Kristi Haase, because she was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or MS. For those who don't know this is a very life changing disease, but more on that in a minute. I thought it would be awesome to write a novella with her as a main character, something small like a novella.  I wanted to do a overcoming strife type book. So Steve tells me, no joke, she loves guns, dragons, heavy metal, and anima

December [2017] Update - A little late!

Sorry for my tardiness.  This will be a fairly quick update. Seventh Talon I had several beta readers review this work and now I'm working on those fixes and updating some of the pacing.  All in all it was well received.  I just want to warn my readers, this is not a funny book like Office Wars.  There is some humor but its a darker book.  I really like how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Office Wars:  Lab Coats Optional (Episode 3) is framed up.  I have the bare bones of the story, but it might end up differently than the first two.  I have a ton of content I want to use, but I might have to break the labs across two floors.  We'll see how it turns out when I start filling it all in.  Either that or this book is going to be much longer, which means I don't get this installment out as fast. Stay tuned, I'll let you know soon enough haha. Lantern Online This one I'm just stalling on.  The first draft is done, but I'm slacking on

November Updates - It's a good one!

Hello my faithful people! I got some good news and updates. Seventh Talon: The first draft is done, and I'm half way through the edits. I expect to have beta readers in the next few weeks, and then maybe a launch date in December sometime. I've also finalized the cover ( I think, might do a few small tweaks ). Office Wars This is a tough one, and a decision that did not come lightly.  I scrapped the original parts I had and started over.  I just did not feel it fit what I was trying to do, but I am working on it now.  I did want to point out a big change that is going to occur, don't worry no spoilers. All the prologues, interlogues, and epilogues were creating a story, Pulp Fiction style.  I gave dates and put them all out of order, so a bigger story could be pieced together.  Each one added an element to a bigger something.  I'm going to wrap this all up in one prologue in the next book, actually might just be Chapter 1, since its all coming to a

October Update

I'm still here! Just plugging away at my stories.  One of the stories is getting closer to done.  I had to redo a bit of it to capture the POV just right, which slowed me down.  However, I think the story is better for it. Not much longer now.  I  hope. Thanks, JGP

Office Wars and Other Updates for You

I apologize for the gap between my posts, but since I published Office Wars Episode 2 on August 1st, I've had a lot of things going on all at once.  Kids starting school, Gencon, and more.  My monthly trips to Atlanta started back up too, for my day job. Ok that aside.  I have several updates. Office Wars  I have the next two books mapped out, and even have part of the first draft on the third book done.  I found some of the jokes becoming stale, so I decided to take a break and pen out the framework for another series, see below.  I'm still working on this, but I want to make sure I capture the same momentum as the other two books.   You can get your copy of Episode 1 or 2  here.