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Seventh Talon Launches Today

Hello Everyone, I do apologize for not having a January post, but I was hoping that this announcement would come much sooner than today. That said, I am finally releasing Seventh Talon I: Dragonrider's Fury . To those of you who read Office Wars, this is a much darker series. This the first book in a trilogy, and I have another trilogy planned out as a follow up if people like this series. Several call outs. Steve Caldwell was doing something really awesome one day in the Facebook groups, he was asking if author's would donate a copy of their book to his friend, Kristi Haase, because she was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or MS. For those who don't know this is a very life changing disease, but more on that in a minute. I thought it would be awesome to write a novella with her as a main character, something small like a novella.  I wanted to do a overcoming strife type book. So Steve tells me, no joke, she loves guns, dragons, heavy metal, and anima