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[SEP & OCT 2018] Author Update

Hey everyone, just reaching out to let everyone know I haven't dropped off.  Give you a few updates. First, Seventh Talon was pulled while I work on getting some of the edits done, and working out the stories for the next books. Not abandoning it, just need to fix some things. Second, I'm working on Lantern Online as we speak. Trying to get my edits done and figure out what I want to do with future books in that line. Right now Lantern Online is being developed as a stand alone novel, but I have an idea of running multiple story lines in here based on different types of characters. Then at some point doing a team up trilogy, and at that point you might see Bran from Office Wars making an appearance. Office Wars - I'm working the omnibus for this, it'll be a little different than the original story, as I'll change most of the logues into memory fragments and rearrange a few things. All of this in preparation for getting an audio in place for it. Thanks for