Office Wars and Other Updates for You

I apologize for the gap between my posts, but since I published Office Wars Episode 2 on August 1st, I've had a lot of things going on all at once.  Kids starting school, Gencon, and more.  My monthly trips to Atlanta started back up too, for my day job.

Ok that aside.  I have several updates.

Office Wars 

I have the next two books mapped out, and even have part of the first draft on the third book done.  I found some of the jokes becoming stale, so I decided to take a break and pen out the framework for another series, see below.  I'm still working on this, but I want to make sure I capture the same momentum as the other two books.  

You can get your copy of Episode 1 or 2 here.

Seventh Talon

Some of  you might have heard me talking about this series a little.  I want to talking about the MC real fast, she is based on a real person.  A friend of someone I know from a Facebook group, and she was diagnosed with MS.  For you that do not know what that is, I urge you to look it up.  So the guy asked authors if we could send signed copies of our books to her, since she is a big fan of LitRPG.

I went a step further, I suggested I write a book with her as the MC.  I wanted to write a story with a strong female character, and this was a good opportunity.  What kind of book is this going to be...?

Glad you asked!  She is into Ruger Semi-Automatic, Heavy Metal, animals, and most importantly Dragons!  Even likes scarves, but that is neither here nor there.  It does add to the Dragonrider ensemble as a required piece of gear to wrap around their mouths while they fly.  I will say no more for now, but stay tuned.

Lantern Online

This is a book I already wrote, and it was the book that sparked Office Wars.  Office Wars was supposed to take all the real world building out of Lantern Online, and it did.  However, this book just sat there waiting for me to clean it up.  So I have started to do just that.  This is a fantasy based LitRPG, but it has similar style humor to Office Wars.  Some may even call it offensive...

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