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March 2018 Author Update

How is everyone doing? My monthly updates are going to be short this month.  I released Seventh Talon: Dragonrider's Fury last month, so if you haven't read it, please go check it out. Office Wars 3 Update Here is my big update:  I am currently working on it.  However, I think this may end up being the last book this season.  It'll be quite a bit longer than the other books.  I will probably release two books, OW3 and a combined copy of all three books, which I will clean up the first two and eliminate some of the rougher parts. I've been thinking about it, and I think the reveals you are going to get in book 3 are going to wrap up most of the plot lines and I am torn about continuing past some of that.  I have however put into motion the idea of revisiting it with a second season for year N151 (tentatively called Office Wars Mercenaries, which you will understand later). Anyway, expect a much bigger book 3 and an ending.  I might also release Lante