November Updates - It's a good one!

Hello my faithful people!

I got some good news and updates.

Seventh Talon:

The first draft is done, and I'm half way through the edits. I expect to have beta readers in the next few weeks, and then maybe a launch date in December sometime. I've also finalized the cover ( I think, might do a few small tweaks ).

Office Wars

This is a tough one, and a decision that did not come lightly.  I scrapped the original parts I had and started over.  I just did not feel it fit what I was trying to do, but I am working on it now.  I did want to point out a big change that is going to occur, don't worry no spoilers.

All the prologues, interlogues, and epilogues were creating a story, Pulp Fiction style.  I gave dates and put them all out of order, so a bigger story could be pieced together.  Each one added an element to a bigger something.  I'm going to wrap this all up in one prologue in the next book, actually might just be Chapter 1, since its all coming to a head now.  I had intended on prolonging this, and had a few more things I intended to share, but its just not very popular.  So they are going to go away after I wrap it all up.

The good news is that once I do that, the rest of the series will be solely on the MC, no more logues.  There will still be out of game moments, as their part of the main story, but no more side stories.  I want to do this carefully, because I still have a few plot lines that are woven between them that I don't want to spoil.

That said, I think I might be able to complete it all by February maybe, I would think March at the latest.

A Personal Note

You will no longer see LitRPG on my covers, or mentioned in text.  If you see 'An Odditek Online Series', you can assume it will be LitRPG or GameLit.  Due to all the drama around Trademarking LitRPG I am not going to take the chance, and worry about looking over my shoulder.  This is for my peace of mind.  I think what is happening is a detriment to the Genre, and it saddens me that it has come to this.  I feel an honorable person would have dropped the Trademark and let it go, but at this point I doubt that will happen.

I fully support the GameLit movement, and I highly recommend you check out GameLit Society or GameLit  facebook groups.


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