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The Final Manuscript for Episode 2 is Loaded

Good news, I finalized everything for the second episode of Office Wars, I hope you all enjoy. I enjoyed writing this book a lot and there are a lot more Office Space goodies in this.  As well as some more developing plot lines and just more of everything. I am going to take a break for a few weeks before I finish the first pass on book 3.  Thank you all for reading. As always, you can find more about me on

Pre-Order of Office Wars: Bathroom Politics is Available

Hello everyone, I have put the digital copy of the second book of Office Wars up on Amazon for Pre-Order.  Launch date is August 1st, 2017 , and the paperback version will be available on that day too.  Amazon does not let me put the paperback version up for preorder.  Visit my  Amazon Author Page and the book pre-order page is  Office Wars: Bathroom Politics I have a few more edits and want to try out a few beta readers before my release date, but I am pretty happy with where it is at.  I enjoyed writing this book and hope you enjoy it too. Feel free to check out my author site at: