[Aug 2018] Author Update

Office Wars 3 - Lab Coats Optional

So I got this back from beta readers, made the additional changes, which is quite a bit more content. Now I am in the final edit/polish phase. I do have to take a business trip for my day job, but I'm still sort of hopeful I can get it done by middle of this month (August).

This will end this trilogy or series, but I have set myself up for a lot of different options for stories in the future using the same characters. I hope you enjoy.

Lantern Online - Patient 073

If you remember, Patient 073 is talked about in Office Wars. I've said this before, but Lantern Online was my first book, just haven't published. With the wrapping up of Office Wars I've decided to clean this up and publish it next. Since its pretty much already done, just needs a good solid edit, a beta read, and then another clean up / edit. I think I can get it out quick. It's also stand alone-ish. I will use this character again for more books in this world, just have other Patient stories I want to put into there first. Then do a team up. That will all be after I finish Seventh Talon.

Seventh Talon

I'm in the process of cleaning up the first one. I really did rush this one a little bit. I'm going to write the remaining two books in the trilogy at the same time, well straight through. So it might be a while before you see these. I have no eta, sorry.

As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or things you'd like to see explained. I have no problem writing up a quick short story to fill in some background you might be curious about. My email is jamesgpatton@outlook.com



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