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Office Wars and Other Updates for You

I apologize for the gap between my posts, but since I published Office Wars Episode 2 on August 1st, I've had a lot of things going on all at once.  Kids starting school, Gencon, and more.  My monthly trips to Atlanta started back up too, for my day job. Ok that aside.  I have several updates. Office Wars  I have the next two books mapped out, and even have part of the first draft on the third book done.  I found some of the jokes becoming stale, so I decided to take a break and pen out the framework for another series, see below.  I'm still working on this, but I want to make sure I capture the same momentum as the other two books.   You can get your copy of Episode 1 or 2  here.

Office Wars: Mailroom Clerk Reading by Jeff Hays

August 6th at 5pm CST / 6pm EST, Jeff Hays will do a life reading of one of the chapters in my book on his twitch stream.  Which is part of the Soundbooth Theater Live ! If you are interested, tune in.  I believe it will aslo be simulcast into the facebook group I linked above and on youtube, the link to the YouTube channel is :