Pre-Order of Office Wars: Bathroom Politics is Available

Hello everyone,

I have put the digital copy of the second book of Office Wars up on Amazon for Pre-Order. 

Launch date is August 1st, 2017, and the paperback version will be available on that day too.  Amazon does not let me put the paperback version up for preorder.  Visit my Amazon Author Page and the book pre-order page is  Office Wars: Bathroom Politics

I have a few more edits and want to try out a few beta readers before my release date, but I am pretty happy with where it is at.  I enjoyed writing this book and hope you enjoy it too.

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General Update

Sorry everyone, I try to post something every week, but I have been busy doing my last edit run of Office Wars Episode 2 before I ask for beta readers.  In other words I am getting close and believe I should easily hit my self imposed deadline to get it published before the end of July.

Stay tuned, I will see about running a special on book 1 as I get closer to my deadline.

As always I appreciate all the support, and feel free to check out my site at

Possible Cover for Office Wars Episode 2

My covers are nothing too fancy, but I make them myself.  At some point in the future if I make enough off of my writing I'll have someone redo the covers professionally.  Thanks for stopping in.

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4 The Words

4 The Words is a site that uses gamification to help writers.  The setup is like that of an RPG where you have to fight monsters to collect items.  Each monster has a time limit and a word count you have to beat, as seen below.  This is just one of many monsters.
I find it fun for distracting me while I write, and it is a great tool to use if you want to force yourself to write so many words a day.  The time limits are generous, as long as you don't stop writing.  I enjoy the site quite a bit.

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Audio/Ambiance to Set the Writing Mood

Tabletop Audio
This site is great and free to set the ambiance for writing scenes.  The site is constantly adding more audio clips and they will run on a loop for you.  Figured I'd give the site a shout out because I find myself using it quite a bit lately.

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Book 2 Update

Hey readers!

Good news, I worked out the last few kinks for books 2 and 3, so once I write them up I'll have the structure of both books finalized.  Then I just need to go through and finish edits and line everything up.

Hoping I can get book two out by the end of July, and then book three might take a bit longer, so I am tentatively giving myself a deadline of end of October?

Thanks for everyone's support and comments, and on the next two books I took them seriously and cut down on a few things to make the read more enjoyable.  I hope you like it.

-James G Patton

Thank You

I want to thank everyone that is supporting me and my writing.  I really do appreciate it.  You can reach me in one of many places.

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